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08 October 2018
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the others. Hideo Serinuma (, Serinuma Hideo ) Kae's father, who is very protective of her. She becomes a beautiful girl that catches the eye of four boys at her school: Ysuke Igarashi, Nozomu Nanashima, Hayato Shinomiya, videos x la manosea un negro and Asuma Mutsumi. She is bisexual in the manga, but the anime portrays her as having more of a platonic friendship with Kae rather than a romantic one although her actions do hint more towards romantic feelings. Later, the group get together at Kae's house to help her study for the exams, much to the ire of her brother, Takuro, who tries to shoo them away by revealing Kae's fujoshi hobby.

10 "Brother Invasion" Transcription: "Ani, Shrai" ( Japanese :, ) December 8, 2016 As the gang go on a treasure hunt near Mount Fuji after Asuma finds a map in the History Club, they become curious as to whether or not Asuma actually has any romantic feelings. Ever since the kiss (really it was CPR he was going to DIE) Igarashi has noticed Nanashima has been in more and more trouble much to Igarashis chargin. Irked by some of the bad words said x bike de sport plus behind her back, Nozomu decides to help Kae with her practise, and she ultimately manages to win the match by turning her flaw into an advantage. Retrieved July 12, 2016. Kirari Nanashima (, Nanashima Kirari ) Voiced by: Sayuri Yahagi (Japanese Brittney Karbowski (English) Nozomu's little sister, who enjoys the magical girl anime, Puri Puri Moon. Spoilers for up to chapter 48 of the manga, if you've only seen the anime, there is guaranteed spoilers for you.

Kiss Him, Not Me, known in Japan.Watashi ga Motete, dsunda (Japanese:, Hepburn: lit.What s the Point of Me Getting Popular?

Kiss Him, Not Me - Wikipedia

Ship Tease : Shinomiya and Nanashima get a lot of BL teasing across the series, but the biggest tease goes to the epilogue, where they arrive at Kae's wedding holding hands and live together. Do not post heavily nsfw content. Teacher/Student Romance : Kazuma starts developing a crush on Kae after he rejoins the school as a practice teacher. Berserk Button : Mutsumi is extremely kindhearted and polite, but if you pose any kind of threat to Kae he will put the fear of god in you. Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu? Beauty Mark : Kazuma has one under his left eye. Even more so that she previously shipped all the boys around with each other. Stout Strength : After regaining her weight, Serinuma runs into Shinomiya and manages to slam him into a wall and leave a huge dent. Helpful Links, moderators u/neito u/DrNyanpasu u/urban287 t/animelist/urban287 u/FAN_rotom_IS_scary u/ImVoi t/animelist/ImVoi u/faux_wizard t/profile/faux_wizard u/geo1088 /user/Geo1088/ u/ShaKing807 t/profile/Shaking807 u/pittman66 t/profile/Homura u/Spiranix t/profile/Spiranix View All Moderators Cookies help us deliver our Services. The former becomes a cook, and the latter a model. The entire event turned out to be a hallucination, but still.

12 13 Kodansha Comics began publishing the physical edition in English from October 13, 2015.

Delirious from the fever, Nozomu forces himself upon Kae and kisses her before Ysuke stops him. Despite this, the boys decide to accept Kae as she is and spend the rest of the day doing what she wants. When rowdy otakus cause a disturbance during the show, Nozomu puts on an ad-lib performance to drive them off before filling in for one of the other girls in the dance number. He is characterized as "the boy next door" type and is the most competitive out of Kae's suitors. Although he portrays a tough exterior, he is actually quite soft-hearted and very kind when he wants. "Japanese Comic Ranking, June 915". The following day, Kazuma attempts to make his own move on Kae only to be stopped by Asuma, who claims that Kae is his girlfriend. "Watashi ga motete dôsunda jp Vol.8". All English titles are taken from Funimation. While taking swan boats to an island where Sametora's head was buried separately, the group gets swept up by a whirlpool and stranded on the island, with Kae and Asuma becoming separated from the others.

. watashi ga motete dousunda nana x shinomiya watashi ga motete dousunda nana x shinomiya src="/pic/3114306478_watashi-ga-motete-dousunda-nana-x-shinomiya.jpg" style="max-width:343px;" align="right"/>

Watashi ga motete dousunda nana x shinomiya! 43 Episode list edit.

As such, she goes to an aquarium with Yusuke, an amusement park with Nozomu, and alpaca farm with Hayato, a trip to Okinawa with Shima, and a treasure hunt with Asuma. Es del tipo "chico malo tsundere ". Que debería hacer?, soy popular? "De algún modo no podía imaginarse con nadie más que con su grupo de amigos y Mutsumi a su lado. Yo : *volteo y veo a* Tn! Igarashi: no claro que. The next day, the gang attend the mass, look at a museum, and visit Sametora's grave. Tn : o-ok, xx: nana déjala. Retrieved March 2, 2016. On the first day of practise, Nozomu comes down with a cold, so Kae comes over to his house to look after him. A b c d e f "Kiss Him, Not Me Anime Casts Takahiro Mizushima, Asami Shimoda, Yichi Nakamura". Dai : estoy listo! El resto del día, Kae pasa el tiempo comiendo los restos de chocolate de su escultura, lo que provoca que vuelva a engordar. Upon returning to school, Kae discovers that the cosplayer she met is actually a female underclassman named Shima Nishina. Kazuma Mutsumi (, Mutsumi Kazuma ) Voiced by: Junichi Suwabe 10 (drama CD Yichi Nakamura 9 (Japanese Ricco Fajardo (English) Asuma's older brother, a flirtatious character who doesn't mind flirting with other boys. Not to be confused with, no Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular!

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